As part of our campus master plan, United Regional continues new construction, renovations and major equipment purchases to help ensure the provision of excellent patient care. Some of these projects and purchases include:



  • remodel to improve patient access and privacy


Dialysis Center and Pharmacy

  • renovations, updates and expansions

AirEvac Hangar

  • built for faster accessibility to emergency patient transport


Bridwell Tower

  • opened in August
  • our largest expansion project: four-stories, 179,000-square-feet
  • named in appreciation of the J.S. Bridwell Foundation’s generous lead gift
  • houses outpatient and diagnostic services, surgical suites, a mother-and-baby unit and pediatric unit
  • a beautiful environment and advanced technologies support our highly skilled and compassionate staff in the delivery of some of the region’s most progressive medical care

Dining Room Renovation

  • to accommodate more staff at meal times with a larger dining room and a wider variety of food choices


Bethania Building First Floor and Second Floor renovations

  • part of the campus consolidation plan which relocated services from the 8th Street Campus to the Bethania Building

Chapel Renovation

  • redesigned and expanded to accommodate the increased patient and staff population as the 8th Street Campus services were relocated

Emergency Department Renovation

  • existing space was re-configured in order to implement the new emergency department patient flow process, which provides for faster treatment of patients through the care continuum

United Regional Physician Group Primary Care Clinic

  • renovation of office building on Barnett Road to house United Regional Physician Group (URPG) primary care doctors and other non-URPG specialists, and provided future office space to help with recruiting physicians to our community


Administration Building Renovation to House Patient Education

  • patient and employee education services were relocated for easier access and more spacious classrooms

Bethania Building First and Second Floor

  • renovations to consolidate all services and employees from the 8th Street Campus and the Administration Building to the Bethania Building and the education center

Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab Facility

  • relocated the Cardio-Pulmonary rehabilitation program from the 8th Street Campus to the Heart Clinic, owned by cardiologists on the medical staff of United Regional

Employee Fitness Center

  • completed as part of our Bee Healthy program, which promotes the health and wellness of our employees

United Regional Physician Group Specialty Clinic

  • remodeled former United Regional Diagnostic building to consolidate the URPG specialties of bariatric surgery, cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery to one location closer to the main campus for patient convenience
  • also included enlarging the hospital’s outpatient therapy space to accommodate more patients


Barnett Road Medical Building

– expansion of the building to accommodate additional physician office space, laboratory and radiology, as well as additional patient parking


Bridwell Center for Emergency Care

  • began the expansion and renovation project to create a larger emergency department to meet our patient volume
  • when complete, it will double the size of the existing space, provide an indoor walkway to the Bethania Building and offer larger more private treatment rooms


Bridwell Center for Emergency Care Completed

  • The third and final phase was completed in January of 2017. The Bridwell Center for Emergency Care now houses 2 trauma rooms, 43 universal treatments rooms, 8 patient evaluation rooms, 6 rapid treatment rooms and 2 consulation rooms.

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Information Services Training Center (aka, the Barndominium)

  • opened in mid-September 2018 on the corner of 8th and Brook and is home to approximately 50 work spaces and five training rooms.