Community Care Fund

Beyond the Walls

Through the Community Care Fund at United Regional

United Regional has launched an initiative to create an environment that reaches beyond the walls of the hospital and clinics, and into the community, providing innovative care and services to some of the most vulnerable populations.

Food security, medication assistance, transportation services, and alignment with appropriate community services have been identified as a starting place to begin to address the social determinants of health.


The Transition Clinic at United Regional was developed as a primary intervention/prevention service to help with the overall wellness of our community.


The Community Care Fund allows donations to assist the needs for patients of the Transition Clinic.


Supplies and services made available through the Community Care Fund include:


The Community Care Fund provides certain, specific supplies and services for patients once they leave the hospital, in order for them to improve their health and perhaps avoid returning to the hospital.  The donations received through the Community Care Fund help ensure all patients get these post-hospital supplies and services.