National Doctors’ Day

March 30th marks the annual observation of National Doctors Day.  This day was established to recognize physicians, their work and their contributions to society and the community.  On National Doctors Day, we all have the opportunity to say “thank you” to our physicians for all that they do for us and our loved ones.

Your Doctors’ Day contribution honors the physicians who have touched your life in a meaningful way.  At the same time, it supports the efforts of United Regional by helping to assure all patients continue to have access to comprehensive, leading-edge health care resources, and that all physicians will have the best facilities and technologies with which to work.

Please Consider Honoring Your Doctor

Consider making a gift that will honor the exceptional work of your physician.  Your doctor will received a card acknowledging your kindness along with any comment you may make, without reference to your gift amount.


Click the box above to give online, or print the form below and mail to:

United Regional Foundation
1600 11th Street
Wichita Falls, TX  76301

For more information, contact Tina Roe by email, or call 940.764.8200.

2022 Doctors’ Day Honorees

Dr. Kim Abad
Dr. Alsadiq Al-Hillan
Dr. Anas Alhomsi
Dr. Ammar Al-Sadoon
Dr. Micheal Anyirah
Dr. Banyar Aung
Dr. Ryan Bannon
Dr. Christina Beatrice
Dr. Kevin Bedford
Dr. Neil Berry
Dr. Kimberley Bourne
Dr. Allen Brajer
Dr. Miguel Chavez
Dr. Jason Cromar
Dr. Myrna DeAsis
Dr. André Désiré
Dr. Fardin Djafari
Dr. Phillip Dowd
Dr. Muhammad Farhan
Dr. Ka Wen Fuh
Dr. Terry Garbacz
Dr. Ved Ganeshram
Dr. Roland Glenister
Dr. Cameron Godfrey
Dr. Christopher Godwin
Dr. Javier Gomez
Dr. Dressign Habtigiorgis
Dr. Lowell  Harvey
Dr. Jason Holinbeck
Dr. Brian Hull
Dr. Phillip Kelly
Dr. Tania Khan
Dr. Jenny Kisner
Dr. Nick Kong
Dr. Rita Kong
Dr. Darpan Kumar
Dr. Ugochukwu Maduforo
Dr. Maryam Mahmood
Dr. Flower Mai
Dr. Srinivasa Mandadapu
Dr. Brett May
Dr. Douglas Moffat
Dr. Gradie Moore 
Dr. Ali Moshtaghi
Dr. Jerry Myers
Dr. Anil Nalubotula
Dr. Brandon Ohman 
Dr. Gilbert Ojong
Dr. Michael Ozier
Dr. Bruce Palmer
Dr. Sharon Palomo
Dr. Artie Patel
Dr. Ashvin Patel
Dr. Brandon Perez
Dr. Nageswar Pothula
Dr. John Presson
In Memory of Dr. Louis Provenza
Dr. Bradden Pyron
Dr. Robin Qubty
Dr. Lakshmi Ramasahayam
Dr. Priyadarshini Ranbhise
Dr. Jay Reddy
Dr. Linda Reinhardt
Dr. Dennis Reinke
Dr. William Robison
Dr. William Kent Russell
Dr. Siby Sam 
Dr. Joshua Schacter
Dr. Jessica Schultz
Dr.Mike Sheen 
Dr. Nicole Storseth
Dr. Bryan Stroud
Dr. Shona Sudarshan
Dr. Sriram Sudarshan
Dr. Amr Takieldeen
Dr. Lucy Tan
Dr. Abirami Tanjavur
Dr. Orelia Terasaki
Dr. Kevin Thomas
Dr. Michael Toulan
Dr. Kyaw Tun
Dr. Sadiya Usman
Dr. Vineeth Viswanathan
Dr. Dawncherrie Walker
Dr. Mandy Winfrey
Dr. Mitchell Wolfe
Dr. Eric Yap