Hybrid Endovascular Suite

The Hybrid Room combines endovascular, cardiac surgical, laparoscopic, and radiological capabilities, allowing flexibility and speed in the treatment of patients with the most complex cardiac and vascular conditions.

United Regional is a leader in the treatment of cardiac and vascular diseases. The hybrid endovascular suite allows us the advantage of no longer needing to move the patient to a different operating room to accommodate various heart and vascular procedures or surgeries. The suite combines highly advanced technology and computer systems, with the skill of surgeons and cardiologists, to perform complex cases involving two or more major services.

Our advanced hybrid suite also allows for minimally invasive cardiac surgical procedures because of the high resolution imaging provided by the x-ray system. With its large field of view, surgeons are provided visualization of tiny details to support intricate procedures.

Our patients also benefit from lower dose radiation and minimized use of anesthetics. Less invasive procedures also can shorten length of the hospital stay and promote faster recovery.

Surgeries that can be performed in the suite include minimally invasive stents and valve repair, peripheral vascular procedures, vascular angiograms, and pacemaker insertion. The EVAR, TAVR, and TCAR procedures are performed here.