IVUS Imaging

Advanced technology that is included in the Hybrid Endovascular Suite is IVUS, Intravascular Ultrasound. IVUS is a catheter-based system that allows physicians to obtain images of diseased vessels from inside the arteries and to perform intricate endovascular stent grafting.


With IVUS, a miniature sound probe on the end of the arterial catheter is inserted in the arteries and uses ultrasound to see the plaque area and amount, and the size of the vessel and lumen (the internal opening of the artery) from inside. Because IVUS uses radio waves, the patient is not exposed to additional radiation as with fluoroscopy.


In the endovascular suite, IVUS is used in conjunction with angiography and to determine placement of the stent graphs particularly with respect to vessel size and major side branches such as carotids, subclavian or renal arteries. After placement of the stent, the IVUS allows evaluation of the preciseness of location and proximity of the stent graft to the arterial wall.