Navigation System for Total Joint Replacement

The Stryker Navigation System for total hip and total knee replacement surgeries offers a technology that can assist in more accurate implant alignment and proper ligament balancing, which are essential for the artificial hip joint and knee joint stability, durability and sufficient range of motion.

Navigated total knee and total hip replacement is an extremely successful way to treat qualifying patients with severe joint pain. The new surgical navigation technology greatly enhances the ability to restore range of motion, overall function and to return patients to normal activity more quickly.

The Stryker Navigation System uses an infrared camera and instruments along with unique tracking software to continually monitor the position and alignment of the implant components in relation to the patient’s anatomy. The computer analyzes and displays data on a computer monitor which show the angles, lines and measurements needed to more accurately align the prosthetic hip or knee with the patient.

One benefit of the Navigation System is that it eliminates the need for pre-operative X-rays or CT scans. Experience shows that the system may lead to shorter hospital stays, fewer post-operative complications, and improved joint stability.