Should I choose Bariatric Surgery for weight loss?

Making a decision to have weight loss surgery should never be entered into lightly. The professionals at United Regional Solutions are trained to help you determine the best method to reach your weight loss goals.

To be a weight loss surgical candidate, the National Institute of Health Consensus Panel recommends that you:

Additionally, before deciding on surgery, consider the following:

United Regional Solutions can help you answer these questions and others concerning weight loss implications.

Over 10 Million People Meet These Criteria in the USA

Unfortunately, morbid obesity is common in the United States, affecting more than 7% of women and nearly 5% of men. Overall, one out of every 20 (5% of the US adult population or more than 10 million people) meet this criteria.

Weight Loss Surgery Exclusion Criteria

You should not consider bariatric surgical procedures if the following apply to you:

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