Will Insurance Cover My Weight Loss Surgery?

Depending on the type of major medical insurance policy you have, most insurance companies will pay for bariatric surgery if you meet certain conditions. However, some insurance companies refuse to cover any treatment related to “losing weight,” although they will treat the diseases caused by excessive body weight.

Since every insurance company and policy is different, please call us at (940) 764-5400 to see if your insurance policy will cover bariatric surgery.

How do I qualify for coverage?

Your bariatric surgery must be considered a medical necessity in order to be covered by insurance. Every insurance company has their own requirements and yours will make their final decision based on if you meet those requirements. Many insurance companies rely on the information your doctor sends to them, but others may require you to be seen by their own doctor before a decision is made.

To qualify for coverage, certain conditions must exist and your weight problem must put your life at serious risk.

Some of the requirements may include:

While genetics and metabolic rate do affect how much a person weighs, the primary causes of obesity are often emotional and psychological. Surgery will not fix these emotional and psychological problems.

How much of my weight loss surgery will my insurance carrier cover?

There are a variety of different expenses associated with gastric bypass surgery:

If you are approved for bariatric surgery, your insurance company will pay between 50 to 100 percent of the hospital and doctor fees. Some policies may even cover in-home nursing care after release from the hospital if the doctor determines it is necessary.

Even if your insurance company will not cover the cost of the actual procedure, they may cover one or more of the other costs related to your gastric bypass surgery.

If I lack insurance coverage, can I still consider weight loss surgery?

Once we meet with you, our Surgical Coordinator will help you determine what will and will not be covered by your specific policy.

Since 2000, the total cost of all medically necessary weight loss treatments has been considered a deductible medical expense for income tax purposes. Those tax deductions for weight loss surgery can help you pay for at least part of the cost of your bariatric surgery or help you get reimbursed for your surgery co-payment.

It is useful to know that under the Internal Revenue tax code, treatment for weight loss includes behavioral counseling, nutritional counseling, prescriptions, and gastric bypass surgery if those treatments are prescribed to treat or prevent specific diseases caused by excessive body weight.