Cancer Care Team

Your Cancer Care Team

Team Members

The Cancer Care Team members include physicians, registered nurses, nurse managers, and patient care assistants who work together to help ensure excellent care. The Cancer Care Team also consists of the clinical nurse specialist, oncology pharmacist, social worker, case manager, and a chaplain.

You will see some of your health care team during your stay with us, such as physicians, patient care assistants, social workers, respiratory, x-ray, laboratory, physical therapy, dieticians, and pastoral care. Others may be behind the scenes, such as case managers, pharmacists, maintenance, housekeeping and many others. All will work together to provide you with the best possible care.

And remember, you are the most important member of your Cancer Care Team. Please take an active role by asking questions and helping in the decision-making process.

Confidence in Your Cancer Care Team

Advanced Training and Certifications

• United Regional cancer chemotherapy nurses complete the national Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Administration Course and on-going, annual training.

• United Regional supports national specialty certification and has several nurses who have obtained their OCN credential. The Oncology Certified Nurses, or OCNs, have met or exceeded cancer care practice requirements, have completed extensive cancer education, and have a tested knowledge of cancer care. OCNs have both the knowledge and experience to deliver effective cancer care.

Location of Services

Cancer chemotherapy and biotherapy inpatients are generally admitted to the fifth floor on 5 Center, but you may be on another unit for medical reasons. United Regional also provides chemotherapy and biotherapy to outpatients in the Bridwell Tower Infusion Suite.


If you are taking research study drugs, please bring them with you and tell your nurse and your physician when you get to your room. The hospital pharmacy will not have your study drugs. Many cancer patients take herbs, vitamins, and other over-the-counter items. Some of these can affect your treatment or blood values so please tell your nurse about any of these items you take at home.