Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Services is on-call 24 hours a day and seven days a week to meet the needs of oncology patients and their families as well as the unit staff.

Chaplains seek to meet the emotional/spiritual needs of oncology patients and their families:

• The need to make sense out of illness

• The need for connection and assurance that their lives matter to someone

• The need for hope, gratitude, and forgiveness

• The need to acknowledge the reality of death and dying

• The need to find acknowledgment, respect, and support for their spiritual beliefs

Volunteer Care

Cancer patients benefit from two programs that place volunteers at patients’ bedsides:

• NODA: No One Dies Alone – a volunteer initiative that provides the comforting presence of trained volunteers to dying patients who would otherwise be alone. With the support of bedside caregivers, these volunteers, known as “compassion companions,” provide patients with respect and dignity in the hours preceding their imminent death.

• NOSA: No One Stays Alone – a similar initiative offering trained volunteers who visit patients (only with their consent) without family or friends at their bedsides. NOSA compassion companions also provide respite care when families become exhausted from their own bedside vigils and need to rest or tend to other pressing family needs.