Tres Hood Memorial Cancer Resource Center

Cancer Resources

What support groups are available for cancer survivors? Where can I buy a wig in Wichita Falls? What are the latest treatments for pancreatic cancer? What financial assistance can I receive for my medications?

The Tres Hood Memorial Cancer Resource Center on 5 West provides you with the tools necessary to find the answers to these and other needed information. The Center provides brochures, cancer-related books, medical reference books, video/audio tapes, children’s materials, and internet-accessible computers with links to evidence-based, reliable sources of cancer information.

After diagnosis, please visit the Center and receive a personalized packet of information relating to your specific type of cancer. Friends and family members will be able to browse hundreds of books and find the most cutting-edge information about treatment and recovery.

More than just a place for medical information, the Center also has information on various tools for coping with cancer:

The 1,000-square-foot facility offers a private conference room, as well as reading areas for patients and their families.

United Regional would like to acknowledge and thank Gayle Johnson, benefactor for the Tres Hood Memorial Cancer Resource Center, and the George Bray Cancer Center, New Britain General Hospital.