Frequently Asked Questions

What is robotic-assisted surgery?

At United Regional, we provide advanced robotic-assisted surgery for select surgical procedures that can mean fewer stitches, less pain and a quicker return to your life. Robotic-assisted surgery is minimally invasive surgery that uses very small incisions and robotic instrumentation to perform the surgery. The robot is 100% under the direction of the surgeon’s movements.

What types of surgery can be done this way?

If you are a candidate, prostate and some gynecologic procedures are done robotically. Only your surgeon can determine if you are a candidate for robotic surgery. 

What do you mean by smaller incisions?

Robotic-assisted surgery is performed with three or four very small incisions instead of the long incisions required by most traditional surgeries. Some of the benefits of robotic surgery are reduced pain, reduction in blood loss and faster return to daily activities.

How do I find a doctor who can perform robotic surgery?

A list of surgeons who perform robotic surgery at United Regional can be found below or by calling Call-A-Nurse at 764-8570.