Mother and Baby Classes

Watch the video above to view a tour of the Women’s and Children’s unit.

To register for any of these classes, contact Call-A-Nurse at (940) 764-8570 or (800) 982-9799.

Interactive Online Classes for Prepared Childbirth and Breastfeeding

Prepared Childbirth Course

The online Prepared Childbirth Course includes a presentation narrated by a Labor & Delivery registered nurse (RN), just as if you were attending the class in person. This class provides a comprehensive overview of the labor and birth experience and covers information from when you arrive at the hospital through your delivery and recovery.

Cost for this course is $ 20.

Breastfeeding Course

The online Breastfeeding Course is a presentation narrated by a certified Lactation Consultant who is also an RN in our Post Partum unit. This class covers the benefits of breastfeeding, latching, establishing a good milk supply, pumping and storing, and much more.

Cost for this course is $ 10.


To register for the online course:

For additional questions or comments, please call the education department at 764-8244.


Infant CPR

Event Description:

This CPR class follows the newest self-directed course CPR Anytime from the American Heart. The participants will receive an inflatable learning manikin along with an instructional DVD and other teaching materials. This kit can then be used at home to teach other family members, babysitters or to refresh skills. The cost of the self-directed course is $35.