Hospitals and Clinics Remain Safe and Open

When it comes to our community’s safety, United Regional hasn’t missed a beat. We have continued to take care of our patients, whether they have COVID-19, chest pain, difficulty breathing, broken bones, or other urgent or emergent conditions.

Don’t Put Off The Care You Need

If you are needing immediate, emergency care, please don’t put off seeking medical treatment at the nearest Emergency Department. Hospitals are open to ALL patients, and delaying diagnosis and treatment can put patients at great risk. We are prepared for COVID-19 related needs, while also ready to care for other health care needs as well.

Even in the case of limited bed availability, the hospital will continue to accept patients who arrive to our facility – whether by ambulance, private vehicle, etc. Patients will be assessed upon arrival, and those with the most severe conditions will be treated first, like always.

For patients with life-threatening injuries, they will receive the lifesaving care they need – it just may not look like what they traditionally expect if bed capacity is limited. For example, patients may have to stay in the Emergency Department after initial treatment while waiting for a bed to open up, if they are admitted to the hospital. Patients whose injuries are not life-threatening may experience longer weight times, much like they might during a typical peak flu season.

Safety Protocols

Long before this current health crisis, United Regional has had both workflow and infection control processes in place to ensure the safety of our patients and employees. Facing challenges is nothing new for our employees; in many ways, it is what we train for through drills with our regional partners.

In response to this specific health crisis, additional safety protocols and plans have been implemented and adapted to best meet the needs of our staff and patients. United Regional is carefully following national, state and local guidelines, and taking measured steps to ensure it is appropriate and safe to get the care you need. These additional measures include:

Working with Regional Facilities

If United Regional needed to free up beds for patients with more complex or severe conditions, we would work with regional facilities to transfer our patients with conditions such as pneumonia, simple diabetic issues and dehydration to those facilities.

Shared Responsibility

We understand that everyone is COVID-fatigued, but we have a shared responsibility to each other. Our staff are doing their part by working to provide excellent health care to our patients. We’re asking you to do your part and continue to practice social distancing, wear a mask, and wash your hands. While you may feel healthy and unconcerned about contracting COVID, please consider your loved ones who are more susceptible to severe symptoms or complications, such as relatives and coworkers who have compromised immune systems or chronic conditions. If you aren’t feeling well, please stay home unless you are seeking medical attention. Limit your exposure to others, especially if you have a fever, and don’t assume it’s allergies, your sinuses or a common cold.

Together, We’ve Got This!