Lodging – Rathgeber Hospitality House

The Rathgeber Hospitality House is a bed-and-bath facility designed to provide patient family members with a place to stay while a loved one is hospitalized at United Regional.

The Rathgeber Hospitality House is your home-away-from-home while your loved one is hospitalized. It’s conveniently located at 1615 12th Street, directly across 12th Street from United Regional’s Bridwell Tower.

Our first concern is quality care for our patients and we understand that part of their recovery depends on having loved ones near. Our second concern is to take care of our families in a personal way. You, too, have special needs at this time, and we want to help you however we can.

The Rathgeber Hospitality House, a project of the United Regional Health Care Foundation, has been made possible through the generosity of North Central Texans. Most of the funds needed to make the House a reality came from volunteer donations by your friends and neighbors.

Each room can accommodate up to four people. There is a $40 minimum donation requested per night per room. Call (940) 764-2400 for details.

For additional information on the Rathgeber Hospitality House, click here.