Patient Meals

Our goal is to provide our patients with wholesome, nourishing and well-balanced meals. We understand that every patient enjoys different foods and each has a different meal time that is most appealing to them. Our Room Service program allows the patient to have foods which they enjoy that meet their personal preference. Daily menu selections are provided.

Our room service is currently modified to be more efficient throughout the hospital with the recent covid patient increase.  Patient are still able to choose their meal, but their tray will be delivered at a set time on their floor for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Please ask your nurse for the current schedule.

Breakfast is available all day, and lunch and dinner menu options are available beginning at 10:45 a.m. Please remember that menu selections may change during your hospitalization due to diet restrictions ordered by your physician.

Should your visitor wish to dine with you, Room Service is also available for your guest. For guests, breakfast meals are $5 and lunch and dinner meals are $6.

If you would like a small snack prior to your meal time, contact your nurse. Snacks available on the floor for our patients include ice cream, crackers, gelatin, juice, milk, etc. As an added service, clinical dietitians are available to care for your nutritional needs.