Patient Tracker Board

Our Patient Tracker board is located in our Surgical Guest Seating area and shows the patient’s family and friends where the patient is in the pre-surgical, surgical and recovery process. Patients are assigned numbers, which are given only to their loved ones, to protect patient privacy.


The Patient Tracker board, which was implemented in 2011, was cited by the Joint Commission surveyors as a “best practice,” which means that they will tell other hospitals about this feature to help them elevate the standard of care provided to their surgical patients.


Surgery Patient Liaison


The Patient Tracker Board informs the patient’s loved ones of where they are in the surgical process. But, no technology can take the place of in-person communication. That’s why United Regional created the Surgical Nurse Liaison position.


For years, Cindy Ochoa, RN, was an OR nurse. Today, she is still in the operating suites – all of them. She visits each suite to get patient updates and then visits with the patient’s family to let them know how the surgery is progressing. Feedback from family members includes, “Cindy is awesome” and “this is a much appreciated service.”