The Person Within

The Person Within is a series of life stories to remind us of the importance of what we do every single day and the sacredness of our work at United Regional.

Episode 8 – Elijah the Comfort Dog
To say that it has been hard times in health care recently would be an understatement. It moments like these, the small things can make a big difference. Elijah the Comfort Dog is one such example.

Episode 7 – Hotter’N Hell Hundred 2021
Thank you to all our United Regional volunteers who help to make the Hotter’N Hell Hundred events successful each and every year!

Episode 6 – Mike Oswald
In this episode, you’re going to hear the story of Mike Oswald and how a new cardiac procedure called TAVR gave him and his wife a new lease on life.

Episode 5 – Church Without Walls
Dwayne McKee shares his story of serving our community beyond the walls of United Regional through Church Without Walls. Along with other church leaders, Dwayne has made a lasting impact by caring for the spiritual needs of the homeless. As a United Regional employee, you’re truly making a positive difference in the lives of others, even while you’re away from our facilities.

Episode 4 – Maria Ramos
We are honored to share with you the latest “The Person Within” story which highlights a very special patient — Maria Ramos, her loving family, and the amazing United Regional staff who cared for them.

Episode 3 – Lawrence Gilbert
Mr. Lawrence Gilbert shares his story of finding himself in an unfamiliar city being rushed via ambulance to the emergency room and how it was both the care and caring he received that saved his life.

Episode 2 – Doris Smith
Doris Smith, a United Regional employee, shares a powerful story of her family and their experience with health care. In the midst of a tragedy of losing her great-niece Shakya, Doris’ family received a true blessing in the birth of Shakya’s son, Shakari Legend Smith.

Episode 1 – Y’Velle Ray
Yvell’e, a flight attendant from NYC, was the first hospitalized COVID-19 patient in Wichita Falls, Texas. Watch her powerful testimonial as she reflects on the 22 days she was at United Regional.