Observation & Shadowing

Thank you for your interest in the Observation Program here at United Regional. Our Observation Program provides a chance to observe healthcare professionals and see how things work in a hospital in many areas from clinical to non-clinical.

If you are interested in shadowing, fill out the web form and submit it to us. To be a part of our Observation Program, you must have a valid TB test that has had the results read within the last 90 days, and a current flu shot during flu season (September-March). Please submit these documents with your information and we will contact you.

*Our clinical departments do not offer observation or shadowing opportunities during the college semester, as we have many nursing students engaged in clinical rotations during that time. Observation and shadow requests will be accepted during the breaks (Christmas, Spring, Summer, etc.).

*This program is not related to clinical rounds or internships. Please direct any requests that you have for these services to the Clinical Education department at (940) 764-7913.

Please submit the following information:

  • Please separate each area with a comma.
  • Example: 04/25/2017 - 04/27/2017
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