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Prior to entering the job search, you must read and accept the following United Regional Pledge of Excellence. After you review this information, click I Accept at the bottom of the page and you will be directed to My Job Finder.

Pledge of Excellence

Our Pledge of Excellence is the foundation on which our culture is built. Our Standards of Behavior will be known, owned and energized by all current and prospective employees.

Please review the Pledge and the following Standards of Behavior before continuing on to the application process.

The Pledge:

As a prospective employee of United Regional, I understand the need to embrace United Regional’s passion to provide excellence in health care for the communities they serve and their purpose to make a positive difference in the lives of others. The United Regional Family adheres to the five pillars of excellence: People, Service, Quality, Finance and Growth, and they base their Standards of Behavior and their Pledge of Excellence on these pillars. By making these pillars a part of their culture, United Regional’s employees and medical staff are working together to achieve excellence in health care for the communities they serve.



A cknowledge the patient

ntroduce yourself and your skills

D uration…describe the test, length of the test, and how long until results are available

E xplanation…explain the tests, the pain involved and what happens next

hank You…say “Thank you for choosing United Regional”


Commitment to Co-Workers


Values — Respect, Compassion and Courtesy

Service — Sensitivity to Customer Waiting

Call Lights

Elevator, Telephone and Hallway Etiquette

Quality — Safety Awareness


Finance — Sense of Ownership


Manage Costs

Growth — Support United Regional

Parking and Construction

I accept