Move better, live more

with United Regional Center for Advanced Orthopedics

We’re building Wichita Falls a new Center for a pain-free, fresh start.

If it’s time for a pain-free fresh start, it’s a good time for a new look at United Regional Orthopedics.

New Building

Rising on Brook Avenue and opening in early 2023 is a world-class Center for Advanced Orthopedics that is constructed from the ground up to help you level up and live your best life.

New Name

More than a new building, our new name reflects a recommitment to our legacy of excellence and a promise to not just be better, but be different in ways that matter most to you and your goals.

New You

Here you won’t just find excellent treatment with the latest technology. You’ll also find a new you that moves more naturally, more comfortably, and more confidently.

What’s Rising in The Falls

More than just a bigger building, the Center for Advanced Orthopedics will deliver a distinctive mix of non-surgical orthopedic care, diagnostic, and restorative services.

The new facility will span a city block along Brook Avenue between 7th and 8th streets. It will expand the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine overall space from 19,000 to 41,000 square feet, adding more clinical rooms and extra space for Physical Therapy services compared to the current location on 9th Street.

Can’t wait for 2023? Dr. Jason Hoffman has joined our team of highly skilled surgeons and clinicians.

Our Next Legacy

At United Regional, we are in the business of helping people live longer, healthier lives. That philosophy inspired the foundation of United Regional Orthopedics in 2007, which has served Wichita Falls and surrounding communities for decades with passion, integrity, and excellence. Today, we continue to operate with the same spirit and credentials, but now under a new name that promises a reimagination of the orthopedic experience. In 2023, you can expect an even more personalized, convenient, and comfortable healthcare experience.