United Regional provides you and your family with advanced medical technology and compassionate care in a place where people care about your child’s health and well-being.

We understand that families play an important role in their child’s recovery. We welcome and appreciate your presence and support, and we encourage your participation in your child’s care. Ask as many questions as you wish. We want you to understand your child’s illness and our plan of care.


Upon admission to the Children’s Center, your child will be weighed, measured and have vital signs (pulse, blood pressure, temperature and respirations) taken. These vitals signs are generally taken on a regular schedule during your child’s stay, as ordered by your physician. Blood tests, x-rays and other tests necessary to monitor your child’s progress, may also be included in your child’s care plan.

Educational Opportunities

United Regional Health Care System offers many educational opportunities including:


Health Team Members

Registered Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses

The Children’s Center nursing staff is comprised of specially trained RNs and LVNs. Because of changing conditions and numbers of patients, your child may not have the same nurse each day. Feel free to ask the nurse(s) all your questions. They can help you understand the equipment, tests and procedures.

Social Work/Pastoral Care

Social workers and pastoral care staff are available to you 24 hours a day. If you have a need to speak with them, please ask your child’s nurse to contact them for you.

Patient Representatives

These individuals are available to discuss any concerns you may have during your stay at the Children’s Center. The nursing staff can assist you with contacting the representatives.

General Information

Visiting Hours

Parents are encouraged to stay with their child at the hospital. Visiting hours are from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Siblings are allowed to visit. However, for their own safety, we ask that you keep other children in your child’s room when they come to visit. Siblings are not allowed to stay overnight. In the case of an emergency, all visitors will be asked to leave.


The health team professionals will keep you updated on your child’s condition throughout your stay at the Children’s Center. However, we can not provide information to callers about your child’s condition due to confidentiality laws.


For your child’s safety, the side rails of beds and cribs should be raised unless someone is directly at the bedside. The unit is monitored and equipped with sensors to let the staff know when a patient leaves the unit. Parents please inform the nursing staff if you are leaving the unit with your child.

Kid Stuff

We have a playroom with toys, games, books and puzzles for your child to enjoy when their condition improves. Video games and movies are available and may be checked out at the nurses’ station.

Important Tips

To find a physician in this medical specialty, please visit our Physician Directory, or contact United Regional Call-a-Nurse at (940) 764-8570 or (800) 982-9799.